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May 10, 2019

10 Ways to Organize your Garage

It can be as easy as purchasing a few bins and hanging a few hooks, turn your garage into a storage space to die for. Garages are often turned into a graveyard for everything from gardening tools that are seldom used to holiday decorations.

Avoid messy garages by these 10 steps by ASSA ABLOY Garage Door Entrance Systems.

For many, the garage is underutilized or if used, very messy and unorganized. Anyone who has a garage can make it an organized storage center as well as a parking spot.

It’s important to choose storage material that will stand up to the wear and tear most garages receive. Items stored in the garage are often heavy, so invest in shelves and bins that won’t buckle or bend. Especially, if you park your car in the garage, there will be tight spaces, you are more likely to bump, brush or spill things on your items and storage bins.

10 Storage Tips

Wire shelving

Wire shelving is one of the more simple and inexpensive ways to organize your garage. Find some shelves, baskets, and hooks to store smaller items and keep them off the ground.

10 ways to keep your garage organized, stack bins, by ASSA ABLOY Garage Door Entrance Systems.Stackable Bins

People have been stacking containers from the beginning of time. It still holds true as one of the great garage storage systems to organize your tools, sporting equipment and anything else that might be in your garage. If you want to get really fancy, use different color bins to help you organize by item.

Store-more on Walls

Use mount hooks, brackets, and other hardware. If you don’t use the wall space, you are wasting room that can be used to organize your garage. Arrange items in a space-efficient way and hang more stuff onto the walls.

Gladiator GearTrack

Mount the horizontal track and space out the hangers to hang gardening tools, ladders and anything else that can be hung.

Purchase or Build a Box for Sports Gear10 ways to keep your garage organized, install shelves, by ASSA ABLOY Garage Door Entrance Systems.

There might not be anything worst than basketballs or soccer balls rolling around under your car or getting in the way of you walking. This box will hold all the sports equipment and make it easy for your kids to grab anything they need.

Don’t Waste the High Space

The high space may not be easy to get to or an ideal place to store items, but it’s space that is often overlooked. This space is perfect for long-term storage. It can hold seasonal stuff like holiday decorations or camping gear.

Mounted Shelves

Similar to high space, it might not be ideal, but it can help you organize your garage area. Add a simple shelf for additional overhead storage.

Install Pegboard Walls

The strips will allow you to mount hooks to the wall for items to hang. Anything from bikes to tools can hang on a pegboard.

Garage Door Foul Line

Put a piece of tape down where the garage closes. The tape will indicate where you can’t have items pass. This will eliminate any bikes, garden tools, or car bumpers from being destroyed by your closing garage door.

10 ways to keep your garage organize, use higher space, by ASSA ABLOY Garage Door Entrance Systems.Install a Set of Lockers and Assign One to Each Member of the Family

Each member will know where to put their stuff and keep it off the ground. The kids will feel special about having their own little area that they can do their own thing too. Plus, they won’t ever have to ask you where their belongings are…it always goes into their own locker!

Items You Should Never Store In Your Garage

Clothing and Bedding

Animals such as raccoons and skunks look for a soft clean nest. They also bring friends and family members!

Propane Tanks

If your tank has a leak, it can be hazardous. Gas leaking is an explosive situation and deadly. Store the tank outside in a secure, enclosed space without sparks.

Canned Food

Canned vegetables have a shorter shelf life in a garage and will freeze over the winter.


Those old DVD players, TVs and computers that you haven’t used in years and been meaning to donate to charity, well yea, they could get damaged in extreme heat or cold, becoming useless to anyone.

Now go out there and clean out the clutter from your messy garage. The weather is beautiful, you have no excuse not to get out there and make garage life a little easier.

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