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June 14, 2019

Prevent a Garage Door Break In

It’s not uncommon for intruders to use the garage as their point of entry when breaking into a house. Many times, homeowners leave the door between their home and garage unlocked. Or have valuable items in the garage that someone can get to. Do not overlook the garage, as this can be a gateway for thieves. There are ways to deter burglars from entering through the garage.

Never Leave your Remote Opener in Plain Sight

Do not leave your garage door opener clipped on your visor in your car. It’s convenient, but doing so

Follow these few tactics and keep your garage safe from intruders. Blog from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

makes it easy for burglars to snatch it. People can break into your vehicle and have access to your garage immediately. Even if you are not parked at home, they can steal it from your car and look at the car registration to get your home address. If you must leave it in the car, lock your remote in the glove compartment, so thieves can’t see or steal it.

You can also get smart garage door openers that use your phone to open the door. Check out some of our garage door opener that can help keep your home safe.

Frost Your Windows

Windows allow for burglars to observe what you have stored in your garage easily. If the windows are clear glass, cover them with a privacy film or change them out for tinted or frosted glass. There is a spray paint that will increase privacy and prevent anyone from peeking inside your garage.

Install Light with Motion Sensors

Intruders don’t like to be seen or heard. Therefore, they look for homes that have little to no outdoor lighting. Keeping your garage and the area around it well-lit will deter thieves. Installing motion lights can keep intruders away and let them know they can be seen. You can purchase everything from basic motion detection to alerting you through an app when the lights flick on.

Follow these few tactics and keep your garage safe from intruders. Blog from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

Leaving Home for an Extended Period?

If you are leaving home for an extended period, disconnecting the motor from the electrical outlet makes it impossible to use a remote or tamper with your keypad to open the garage door. Also, ensure it has a hand lock and lock it before leaving. Again, some locks can connect to your phone, making it easy to lock and unlock your door.

These few ways will help keep you and your family safe from anyone who is looking to enter your home. If security is essential and concern to you, contact us. Or take a look at all our accessories that will help you keep your home safe.

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