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June 28, 2019

Customizing Your Garage Door

Garage doors are now more than ever able to be customized. You can make a garage door any style or color you can imagine. Garage doors come as a blank canvas for the owner to transform it into a work of art. Color, stains, decorative hardware, and windows, all can be used to create your one of a kind garage door. It’s incredible how a little amount of hardware and windows can transform your garage door into a door that tells the story of your home.

Many people neglect to focus on the garage door, but it’s one of the first things people see from the curb. Give your garage door the attention it deserves with the “extras” that can make it become the talk of the neighborhood.

Montage Window Options

Set your creative side free!

Now it’s easy to set yourself apart from the neighbors with a garage door design that is all yours. Montage Window Options let you create a unique look that enables you to decide how many windows you want and where you want them.

Modern contemporary garage door styles include the beautiful Venice by ASSA ABLOY collection.

If mid-century modern is your style, how about windows on the diagonal? Love symmetry? Choose a column of windows on each side of the door. Need lots of light in the garage? You might want a door filled with long panel windows. Plus, you decide what door design and construction best suits your home and your needs.

After all, a solid door will do the job, but the windows and their style can give your home a personal touch. Learn more


Adding windows can make the garage door stand out and ties it to the rest of your home, but you can complete the process by installing garage door hardware.

Decorative hardware comes in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Be sure to let the garage door and its hardware complement the rest of your house.

A few rules of thumb

-Assess your door’s style and plan the hardware accordingly.

-Size your strap hinges to be at least 1/4 to 1/3 the width of the door opening.

-Place pull handles, ring pulls, and latches on the door at a minimum of 34” and go no higher than the shoulder height of the driveway.

-Typically strap hinges are positioned on top and bottom rails, plus an intermediate location, usually under the window area.

Decorative hardware is a very personal decision and is an easy upgrade for your door. Choosing the right custom windows and hardware will turn your average door into a traffic stopper. Specialists at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems would be happy to help you visualize and create the unique look that you have always wanted. Contact us.

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