July 7, 2017

Why Is There a Popping Sound When My Garage Door Opens?

Is Your Garage Door Popping?

It can be very important for your garage to work properly. Whether it’s just to keep your garage secure or prevent it from malfunctioning, it is the best idea to have it checked out if something doesn’t seem right. If your garage is making strange noises, such as popping ones, it could be causes by one of few things.

how to open garage doorCauses & Solutions
These noises could be coming from either the door itself or the garage opener. You will first need to find the source of the noise, which can be done by disconnecting the opener from the door and opening the door manually without the opener. If there was no noise, then it proves that the opener is the issue and you will have to look at that next.

If the problem is the opener, then it may have internal problems such as an internal gear or sprocket falling apart. Another issue could be that screw drive openers have a trolley that is made of plastic teeth that runs along an open rail and the noise could be coming from when the plastic teeth start to deteriorate.

On the other hand, if the problem seems to be coming from the door instead of the opener, then it could be that you need to use a silicone based spray lube on the torsion springs. This hopefully will get rid of the noise when the door is opening and closing.

However, if the noise continues, another source of the popping noise you hear coming from your garage door could be because the torsion springs are broken. If this is the case, we recommend you contact a professional garage door repair specialist.

Overall, to fix the noises, you will most likely need to lubricate the garage door or opener or call a technician to repair the opener.

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