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September 22, 2017

Considering a Screen for Your Garage Door?

Reasons for a Garage Door Screen

Are you looking for a way to maximize the use and function of your garage door? If you enjoy spending time in your garage entertaining, often entertain with barbecues and picnics, or spend time working on projects, then consider installing a screen door on your garage! With the help of the ASSA ABLOY team, you can install a garage door screen door to make your home and your garage more enjoyable.

What Is a Garage Door Screen?
A residential garage door screen is a screen that you can move into place when your garage door is open. It allows light and air into your garage, while providing shelter from insects and security for small children or pets. These doors can be roll-up models, retractable screens or sliding doors, depending on your garage door design and desires. To ensure you are getting the right screen for your needs, talk to the prose at ASSA ABLOY.

Benefits of a Residential Garage Door Screen
So why should you install a garage door screen on your home’s garage? With a garage door screen, you can:

  • Create a safe place for kids and pets to play.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your garage by eliminating the need to use a fan while working inside.
  • Stop insects from flying into your garage.
  • Increase the shade in your garage when your door is open.
  • Reduce the amount of debris and yard waste that blows into your garage.
  • Allow the car to cool off in the garage while still keeping your home’s contents secure.
  • Improve air circulation in the garage while reducing the risk of theft.

Whether you are considering transforming your garage into the proverbial “man cave,” are looking to add a place to entertain or simply want to let your kids play in the fresh air without the risk that they will run into the road, a residential garage door screen is a wise choice. With the help of ASSA ABLOY, installing one is simple. Contact our team today to learn more about adding a screen to your garage, and enjoy the fresh air and security that one can provide.

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