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August 24, 2017

How to Quiet a Loud Garage Door Opener

Do You Have a Loud Garage Door Opener?

Picture a scenario when you are getting ready for the day. Your child is still asleep, and your spouse is sending you out the door with a hot cup of coffee. You hit the garage door opener, and suddenly the loud noise wakes everyone in the house. If this is the reality of your morning routine, you may be wishing for an answer as to how you can quiet that garage door opener. Here are some tips from our expert team.

garage door repair1. Tighten all the Bolts and Screws
If you have noise because you have loose bolts and screws, tighten them. This can quickly reduce the amount of noise. It’s common for these to get loosened as the vibrations from the door cause them to move ever so slightly every time you open it.

2. Find Worn Rollers or Hinges
If the rollers or hinges on your garage door are becoming worn, they will get noisy. The solution to this is to replace them. If you can, choose nylon rollers in place of the more commonly used steel ones, as they are quieter and don’t need to be oiled. Worn hinges, while less common, can still cause the noise that you want to avoid. If you can see a hole where the hinge pin mates with the hinge bracket, it’s a sign that the hinge needs to be replaced.

3. Lubricate the Door
Moving parts in your garage door can require lubrication regularly to stay quiet. Choose a lubricant made for garage doors specifically, and apply it to the springs, hinges, tracks, pulleys, rollers, and other moving parts. This will significantly lower the noise level, and it may also increase the life of your garage door by reducing wear and tear on its moving parts.

4. Check the Chain
Finally, check the garage door opener chain. If it’s loose, it will make a lot of noise. Tighten the chain according to the door’s owner’s manual, and you will be able to reduce the noise.

You don’t have to live with a noisy garage door opener. If these tricks don’t work, contact the team at ASSA ABLOY for help. Our garage door experts can get to the bottom of your problem and help you enjoy a quiet, fully functional garage door.

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