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March 14, 2019

Turn your Garage into a Puppy Palace

Don’t like the idea of crating your dog when you’re not home? Has your dog chewed through your favorite pair of shoes when he’s alone? All you have to do is turn your garage into a comfortable and fun spot for your dog.

Turning Your Garage into a Safe Place for your Dog

Turn your garage into a comfy, cozy dog palace with the help of ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.

Every garage gives your dog plenty of room to play in. An insulated garage keeps your pet comfortable year round. Most outdoor shelters can keep your dog dry and out of the elements, but they are not heated or insulated. Adding an insulated garage door also acts as a sound barrier. Dogs tend to bark when they hear noise or see movement through a window. Garage doors with our insulation will help eliminate both. No more worrying if your neighbors hear your dog at all hours of the night.

Comfortable Climate

Most garages are insulated but the garage door isn’t. Upgrading your garage door to an insulated one is easy. We have plenty of insulated garage door options that will suit your needs.

Insulating the garage will keep the cold out in the winter and heat and humidity out in the summer. The insulation will make the room feel much more comfortable for you and your dog. The garage also becomes easier to heat with an insulated garage door.

Keep your pet happy

Most dogs take a nap when their owners aren’t home. Be sure to put their favorite bed or blanket in the garage for them. Don’t want your dog having to deal with the cold cement floor? We have protective padding that will cushionG-Floor garage floor covering from ASSA ABLOY protects your garage floors while adding comfort for your dog. the floor, help insulate the garage and reduce noise, best of all, makes the floor more comfortable for your dog. Add their favorite toy and feel confident that your dog is happy in the garage.

By following these steps you have turned your old dusty garage into a comfy, cozy place for your dog to enjoy.

If during your process to convert the garage into a doggy haven you realize that your fourth wall, which is your garage door, lacks insulation, make sure you contact us.

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